So What’s a Beignet???

As a new blogger, the question that I’m asked most often is, “What’s a beignet”?
A beignet, pronounced ben-yay, is a warm delicious bite of powdered sugar goodness, served in batches of 3… waiting to be enjoyed with an ice cold glass of milk, or a hot cup of cafe’ au lait.  Mmmm…

Beignets are the only food item on the menu at Cafe du Monde.  Open 24 hours a day, in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter, Cafe du Monde has been serving up beignets since 1862.

According to the Cafe du Monde website, beignets are square French-style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar.  Umm, we won’t talk about calories here.  FYI, if you’re visiting New Orleans, a city that’s known for its food, any calorie counting goes out the window.

Beignets are my absolute favorite dessert, breakfast food, anytime of the day food – doesn’t matter.  On Petunia’s very first birthday, we took a trip to Cafe du Monde for breakfast – had to teach her early!

Love at first bite!

The next time you’re in the Big Easy, definitely grab a table at Cafe du Monde.  You may leave covered with powdered sugar, but it’ll be well worth it!


Why Does Your 12 Year Old Look Like She’s 20???

Toddlers & Tiaras Paisley pretty woman hooker costume prostitute

Okay so maybe that photo’s a little extreme – but you’ll get my point.  Have you been to the mall on a Friday night lately?  Or better yet, have you seen these kids that hang out in the mall on weekends???  It’s generally filled with teens and tweens. Well, what I want to know is why do they look so grown?   I mean, have you really seen these kids???  The young girls look like grown women, and the boys… many of the boys look… confused (for lack of a better term).  I’ll have to talk about the boys in another post – I’m still trying to figure that one out. 

But these girls, from the clothes to the makeup – some of them look like they’re about to go on the ho stroll!  Yeah, I said it!   These are practically babies trying to look like grown folks!  Many of them are too young to have jobs, so who’s footing the bill for the clothes and makeup?  Crickets.   Umm hmm… 
I don’t care if it’s all the rage now, if it’s the IN thing, if it was on sale, or if it’s the popular new kiddie makeup line – that ish is NOT cute!   

And what’s with the high heels for 4 year olds?  I’m not talking about the make-believe, dress-up princess shoes you get in the toy department.  No, I’m talking 3-inch platform heels!  I was shoe shopping for Petunia recently and this is what I came across…

This joker has a 3-inch heel!  The site sizing description indicated Little Kid (4-8 yrs) and Big Kid (8-12 yrs).  Maybe it’s just me, but I have a problem with little kids in 3-inch heels.  
As a new parent in this day in age, I am really afraid of what’s in store for my daughter as she grows older.  We monitor and limit what she’s exposed to on TV, and it’s gotten to the point where I only listen to talk radio or the old school station when she’s in the car with me.  She’s a little sponge who soaks up EVERYTHING, and sometimes repeats it. 
While we all were eager to grow up fast (wish they had explained bills to me), I hope that by the time my Petunia becomes a tween, my influence and the example that I set for her will be strong enough to outweigh the Victoria Secret commercials, whatever the high heeled shoe fad is, or the hot latest lipstick color. 
But for now it’ll be Salt Water Sandals and Footmates until they don’t make them in her size anymore! 
Yes, I’m old fashion and I LOVE it!


BlogHer June Challenge

June's NaBloPoMo
As a newbie blogger I’ve decided to take the plunge and participate in BlogHer’s June posting challenge.  The key is to post something everyday this month – or at least Monday thru Friday.  I think I can do that!  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s already Wednesday.  But hey, a Mama’s gotta start somewhere!  So here goes!


Beignet Mamas Meet Thomas the Train

Thomas the Tank Engine came rolling through Maryland to the B&O Railroad Museum.  Apparently Thomas travels across the country visiting railroads museums.  Can you image being out and about, and while stopped at a train crossing you see a full-size Thomas the Train rolling by???  Umm, yeah… 

That was the scene at the B&O Railroad Museum this month, as Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt came to town.  All day kids were able to take a ride on a full-sized Thomas the Train, which lasted about 20 minutes.  There were also photo shoots with the train while it was in the station between trips, as well as photo shoots with Sir Topham Hatt.  The B&O Railroad museum is a train-enthusiast’s dream.  There were all types of locomotives on display!  Also rounding out the fun were bounce houses, carnival rides, temporary tattoos, and plenty of Thomas-themed activities.  
Now, my Petunia LOVES Thomas the Train!  She’s even starting to sing parts of the song when it comes on.  Well okay, she only sings the last word of the song, “Traaaaaaain”.  When I first heard about the event, I just knew she would be sooo excited to see Thomas the Train!  The morning of, I began to tell her that we were going to see Thomas.  She looked at me a little strange, but I just kept with it.  When it was time to go, it was creeping up on her usual naptime, so she was less than thrilled to leave the house.  I prayed she would stay awake during the car ride, and hoped that once we reached the museum she would perk up.  Once we got there, there were plenty of kids, train engines, box cars and small carnival rides.  The first thing we did was stand in line for a photo with Sir Topham Hatt.  It’s funny how animated and excited the parents are while the kids are either terrified of the cartoon characters or looking bored.  She didn’t cry, but judging how tight she was holding onto her Dad, I would say she was a little concerned.
 After walking around looking at the trains on display, we went outside to the carnival rides.  It was here that Petunia perked up!  I took her on her first carousel ride, which she absolutely loved!

After the carousel ride, it was almost time for our train ride on board Thomas.  Upon seeing Thomas, Petunia just… looked.  I think we were more excited than she was.  LOL!
Once onboard, and all settled in, Petunia checked out the view from our window. 

As we listened to the Thomas theme music piped through the speaker system, Thomas made a slow, steady pace along the outskirts of the city.  We even had a police officer on a dirt bike that followed along us as we traveled.  It seems the kids got a kick out of watching him ride alongside us.  The conductor came around and passed out Thomas the Train Jr. Engineer Certificates to all of the kiddies.  After about a 10 minute ride, Thomas came to a stop.  The train was then put in reverse for our ride back to the station.  Once the train ride was over there was the opportunity to take photos in front the train while the next group boarded.
Unfortunately while waiting to take her photo with Thomas, Petunia began to get cranky, so we had to call it a day – naptime was in full effect!  Not even 5 minutes in the car and Petunia was out like a light!  Once we made it home, Petunia opens her eyes, and what’s the first thing that comes out of her mouth? Thomaaaaas!!!  Yeah, we’ll definitely have to do this again next year.
Anywho, check out to see if Thomas the Train will be visiting your city soon.  The kids (and the adult kids) will love it!

(No compensation was given for this post.)


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