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Shout Out to All the Blogging Ladies Out There!

Today is day 7 of the Rx Fitness Lady mini blog challenge party.  A big shout out and thank you to Joi for a fun blogging experience that has led to some awesome connections!  Because of Joi, I made my 1st blog commercial and 1st controversial post (I tend to stay in the safe zone).

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again
RxFitness Lady
On this journey I met some lovely blogging ladies.  
There’s Allie of Vita Train 4 Life who has no problem with getting us talking about boob jobs, and the antics of her handsome twin boys. I still can’t believe one of them called you an old lady – too funny!
Then there’s Mimi of Lipgloss & Binky who’s home improvement projects have reinspired me to get off my butt and get crackin’ on my own house.  (Or make my husband get crackin’)
Dana of Kiss My List has reaffirmed my decision to start blogging with her post on how her family reacts to her blog – even if it did take me 2 years to get started.  🙂
Veronica from My Finessed Life is the coolest!  Not because she’s a fellow Howard U. alum, or because we both have a bitchy rest face, but because she remains a professional in the face of ignorance in her post about her experiences in the workplace – not all of us can do that.

And then there’s Carica of The Confessions of a Single Mom, who’s not afraid to keep it real about the issues of child support or the problem of black kids and ebonics.

There were so many more wonderful ladies who participated!  There were some great conversations taking place and thoughts being shared.  I’m sorry it’s ending so soon, but I do look forward to continuing the awesome connections.  Thanks Joi!

Rx Fitness Lady Blog Challenge:  Sunday: Blog Love “Post Specific”


Shhh… I Have a Blog

End the Pre-IPO Quiet Period

Joi over at Rx Fitness Lady blog has asked us how do our family and friends react to our blog.  To be totally honest, most of my family and friends have no idea that I blog.  This was done on purpose.  My husband has known from the beginning, but those friends and family members who do know about the blog, just found out about it within the past 2 weeks. 

Because of procrastination brought on by fear, my blog has been about 2 years in the making.  When I finally took the plunge, I wanted to be able to freely write without any outside opinions or judgements.  I specifically didn’t want any negativity about how much I shared about myself, or the photos that I chose to post online. 
So far the responses I’ve received from friends and family have been very positive.  I have received calls and messages of congrats, praise, and a few “I’m proud of you”.  The positive responses have been reassuring and encouraging as I take this journey into the blogosphere.
If I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way, as far as publicizing the blog goes – only I wouldn’t take 2 years to get it started.

What about you?  How has your family and friends reacted to you your blog or online activities?

 Rx Fitness Lady Blog Challenge:  Saturday: How My Family Reacts to My Blog


How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?

Last week I chaperoned a field trip with my daughter’s daycare center.  The trip was to a “bounce house”.  In other words, a commercial space that was filled with various bouncers (those inflatable things that kids love to jump in).  Well, the daycare provider had a sprained ankle, and I was the only other adult chaperone, so guess who got to partake in all the bouncing fun???

Lets just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  When we arrived I was looking pretty decent – if i say so myself.  Had on my casual jeans, t-shirt, and blazer.  By the time we left, my shirt was wringing wet and my hair had turned into an afro.  The daycare provider and the other parents thought it hilarious the way I was being pulled in 50 different directions by the kids – all of whom wanted me to slide on a gigantic inflatable slide with them exclusively.  Humph, the nerve of those folks to laugh at me!  But I will admit, I had a TON of fun!

I don’t know how I manage to get myself in these type situations.

 September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  Describe today, a typical day, or a recent day with pictures.
Rx Fitness Lady Blog Challenge:  Wednesday Humorous


Bring Ye All the Tithes…


When I first saw that today’s post was supposed to be a controversial topic, I was like “YES!”  I had it all in my head what I was going to say, but then when I started writing, I was like, “Do I really want to do this?”  Some folks will fight you when you talk about “Pastor”.  Oh well, I can’t chicken out now.  Just a disclaimer before I begin, I am NOT bashing anyone or any church in particular.  I am writing about things that I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears.

Have you ever gone to a church and the pastor pulls up in a new Bentley, while a good portion of the congregation is using public transportation to get there?
Have you ever gone to a church and was told you were robbing God if you did not tithe 10% of your Gross income?
Have you ever gone to a church and the pastor announces a special offering to help pay off the note on his the church’s new airplane?
Have you ever gone to a church and heard the saying, “If you take care of the man of God, then God will take care of you.”
Well, I’ve heard and witnessed each one of these things.

Now, where you worship is your choice.  If Pastor Rolls Royce can deliver a sermon that gets through to you like no one else, then that’s the place for you.  My message here is, in everything you do, use wisdom.  There are many people out there that are going into debt because they are being fed messages laced with guilt and fear as it pertains to tithing 10%.  I know, I’ve been there.

Now lets be clear, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TITHING.  (Please re-read that last sentence if necessary.)  However, if tithing 10% of your income means that your rent will not get paid, or your lights will get cut off, then it’s time for you to reevaluate the situation.

I have known church members who began to dip into, and eventually drain their savings in an effort to keep up with the 10% tithing.  My point is, tithe what you can afford, until you are able to do more – that’s if you want to.  Tithe because you truly want to, not because you’re hoping that your tithe is going to turn into a brand new Mercedes, just like Pastor’s.  Tithe because you want to, not because someone is calling you a robber or a thief if you can’t or don’t tithe 10%.  Do not let someone guilt trip you into the poor house!

Remember, in everything you do, use wisdom.

 Rx Fitness Lady Blog Challenge:  Tuesday Controversial Post


Lights, Camera, Action!

Greetings!  Today’s post is on video, and is a part of two blog challenges.  Rx Fitness Lady is hosting a blog challenge this week, where today we have to make a blog commercial, and Being A Wordsmith ‘s blog challenge asks “What part of your life closely resembles a storyline in a reality TV show or soap opera?” 
Well, my life would definitely not make the cut for the latest reality show, and I don’t think I’m interesting enough for Genoa City, but check out the video after the jump.

What about you?  Can your life be a reality TV show?

 September Sapphire Blog Challenge PromptWhat part of your life closely resembles a storyline in a reality TV show or soap opera?

 Rx Fitness Lady Blog Challenge:  Monday Blog Commercial