I Haven’t Had a Hot Bath in 2 Years!

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Yeah, you read that right.  No, I’m not nasty, nor do I stink.  The truth of the matter is I haven’t had the TIME to take a long hot bath since Petunia was born.  Actually, it was before I was pregnant, since they warn pregnant woman to steer clear of hot baths, jacuzzis, etc.  In fact it’s a rare day that I can even use the bathroom facilities by myself – unless she’s asleep.

Now do I like hot baths?  Why yes, of course!  Who doesn’t???  I remember having all of the scented bubble baths, the fizzy tablets, the blow-up neck pillow, the scented oils that made my tub a slippery hazard zone…  Even as a kid, I just had to have Mr. Bubble!  Even though sometimes it was whatever dishwashing liquid that was on hand.  (No really, Joy made LOTS of bubbles – plus it got you squeeky clean.)  I would just sit there and lounge until the water turned cold and my hands and feet looked like a wrinkled up prune.  Those were the good old days…  Now it’s all about the 5 minute hot shower.  If I’m lucky, I can actually get a whole 10 minutes!  You know, now that I think about it, the only person in the house that does get the long hot baths, bubbles and all, is Petunia!  I think we’re going to have to make some changes in that department. LOL!

What about you?  Do you like hot baths?  Do you get to take them often?



Summer, Summer, Summertime…

Image by keokster
“Summer, summer, summer time.  Time to sit back and unwind. 

…School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz
A back then I didn’t really know what it was
But now I see what have of this
The way that people respond to summer madness
The weather is hot and girls are dressing less
And checking out the fellas to tell ’em who’s best…

…The temperature’s about 88
Hop in the water plug just for old time’s sake
Break to ya crib change your clothes once more
Cause you’re invited to a barbeque that’s starting at 4

Sitting with your friends cause y’all reminisce
About the days growing up and the first person you kiss…

…There’s an air of love and of happiness
And this is the Fresh Prince’s new definition of summer madness.”

 ~Summertime by Will Smith

I LOVE summer!  No matter how much I complain about the 90 degree days, the scorching heat, the humidity that laughs at my freshly done hair, there’s something about summer that relaxes me.  Maybe it’s the decrease in early morning traffic since the kiddies are out of school or the slower walking pace of the commuters as I catch the metro to work.  (If you’re not careful or paying attention, you’ll get run over – seriously.)

I think I enjoy summer because of the family memories that are made.  Most of my family is spread out across the country now, and summer is when we all manage to make our annual pilgrimage home to New Orleans.  In the midst of the heat and humidity, we have our family cookout, our group trip to the French Quarter, the Aquarium, and the River Walk.  I’ve never had so much fun sitting around talking, eating, laughing and sweating.

Soon we’ll be saying good bye to summer and swapping out the shorts and t-shirts for long sleeves and sweaters.  Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy my air conditioner and vanilla crème-flavored snowballs.


My First Blog Post

My first blog post was titled “Did Your Mama Teach You Any Manners”.  It stemmed from an incident that I saw one afternoon on my daily metro commute where a young man faked sleep to avoid giving his seat to a very pregnant woman.  That got me to thinking about manners and why so many people (young and old) just don’t seem to have them much anymore.
Anywho, here is that post again…

Did Your Mama Teach You Any Manners?!?!

As I raise my child, one of the things that are important to me are manners.  Growing up in the 70’s and in the South, we were taught to not only be polite, but to also be respectful of others.  Now what I would like to know is what happened??? 
As I make my daily public transportation commute to work, I often see young people (high school, jr. high students) acting as if they’ve lost their minds!  Can you say no home training???  From excessive foul language to the disregard of elders, I’ve seen and heard some things that have left me speechless.  Being considerate and respectful (of others and of yourself) was very important when I was coming along.  But what happens when the questionable behavior comes from an adult? Gasp!  Yeah, you thought this post was about the kids, huh?  Well let me explain… One evening aboard a crowded standing-room-only metro train, a very pregnant woman boarded with her family.  Well it just so happens that Mama-to-Be landed right in front of the seats generally reserved for those needing assistance.  Occupying those seats was an older woman and closest to MTB was a young business man (mid to late 30s).  Well after a minute passed the older woman reaches past the young man (who is totally unmoved by the big pregnant belly in his face) and offers MTB her seat. I think we all stood there and gave him the evil eye to which he replied by faking sleep.
Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve seen this exact scenario play out.  There have been times that I’ve given up my seat to a pregnant woman while the men just sat there and looked.  Mind you these are not always YOUNG men; some of these folks are well past grown, acting like they dont know any better.  Does home-training gradually fade away the older you get?  Are we so consumed with ourselves that we really don’t care about what’s going on around us, or right in our face?  If that’s the case, no wonder today’s youth behave the way they do – look at the parental example!  

As my little one grows older I would like to teach her that respectable young men will in fact hold the door open for you, they will offer their seat to someone in need, they will respect their elders, they will come and knock on your door instead of pulling up and blowing their car horn for you to come out.  And when dropping you off, they will wait to make sure you’ve made it in your home safely before driving away.  Better yet, they’ll walk you to your door.  (Although lip-locking on my front porch had better NOT be happening!)  I would like to teach her these things, and I will, but I will also have to teach her the realization that many folks don’t do those things because they haven’t been TAUGHT to do them, or to expect those things from others.  There was a time when this was the rule, not the exception.  All I want to know is what happened???



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