2014: The Year of Completion

New Year 2014
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At the start of each New Year, it’s pretty common for folks to make resolutions:  losing weight, starting better eating habits, going back to school, etc.  Unfortunately most resolutions are null and void before the month of January is even over. (more…)


What’s Going on With These Kids?!?!

Little Criminal

 Okay, I am the first to admit that my little angel is a hand-full.  I have a 2-year-old that’s very strong-willed, who tries to be slick, and who tries to out-smart her parents.  We don’t turn a blind eye to her behavior, nor do we make the “she’s just a baby” excuse.  She just turned 2, and we figured that since she’s in that stage of learning right from wrong, instead of us apologizing on her behalf while she runs off unaware of her actions, we teach her to apologize on her own and treat others nicely.  If I can “check” my 2-year-old, why can’t folks check their 5-year-old, their 10-year-old, or their 15-year-old???

What’s going on with these kids today?  I’ve been following the bullying story of Rebecca Ann Sedwick, the 12-year-old Florida girl who committed suicide last month after being bullied by a 14-year-old and a 12-year-old.  Both girls have been arrested and charged with felony aggravated stalking.  But here’s the kicker, the 14 year old allegedly posted on her Facebook page, “Yes ik [I know] I bullied REBECCA nd she killed her self but IDGAF [I don’t give a (expletive)]”.  Are you kidding me?!?!  So that’s how a 14-year-old is operating these days???  According to the arresting sheriff, the parents of the 14-year-old are in total denial that their daughter would ever do such a thing.

I live in an area, where crime is unfortunately a regular on the local news.  Too many times I have seen parents whole-heartedly defend their child who has just been charged with a serious crime – trying to place the blame on the other suspects.  The usual tune is, “My child is a good boy/girl, they would never do anything like this, they just fell in with the wrong crowd…” And this is even when the child has been caught in the act, caught red-handed, without a shadow of a doubt, etc. 

It seems like many young folks have such a cavalier attitude about life.  When I’m out in public I see kids that are just down right rude and mean for no good reason, and that’s even when the parents are present!  No one wants to see their child in trouble or going to jail, but at what point do you admit that your child has issues?  At what point do you put your child in check for their disrespectful, poor, or bad behavior?  I refuse to believe that a child just wakes up one day and decides to start raising hell out of the clear blue.

Oh yeah, and in that bullying case, the sheriff department is trying to determine if they can also charge the parents of one of the suspects.  

What are your thoughts?  What do you think of the Sedwick bullying case?  What do you think of parents that are in denial of their child’s negative behavior?


Happier, Healthier & Wiser – That’s Me!

Today, Kimberly over at Being A Wordsmith blog has asked us what are some things that we do to be Happier, Healthier, and Wiser.

I spend as much quality time as I can with my daughter.  I want to build many memorable experiences with her.  We really have a lot of fun together.  (See bounce house post for proof.)  When we’re out I try to take as many photos as I can.  Not to embarrass her, but so that when she’s older, I can say “Look Petunia, you rode the cow train!”

When I decided I was really serious about taking the plunge into motherhood, I began to eat alot healthier.  I cut out the fast food, cut back on the fried food, added more green vegetables, and began to cook more.  I discovered I loved trying new dishes, and I developed a love for baking from scratch.  I’m happy to say the Petunia LOVES green vegetables.  Brocolli is her favorite, but she can put a hurtin’ on some collard greens!  LOL

I know this is home-made whipped cream Petunia and I were whipping up may not count as healthy, but it was good!  LOL

Another thing I am seriously working on to improve my health, outside of drinking more water, is getting more sleep.  It’s been a struggle.  I tend to get to bed somewhere between 11pm and midnight, but then my alarm goes off at 5am.  This is everyday, and by the time Friday gets here, I’m seriously dragging. 



I wish this was me right now…

Letting stuff go!  I’ve realized that you can be walking around carrying years of past hurts, slights, and disappointments, and the only person still upset about it is YOU.  You’re mad while the other party is enjoying life, not thinking a thing about you.  Let it go, move on!  You’ll feel so much lighter – I know I do. 
Another thing I’ve done is to let some people go.  If you always have some kind of mess brewing, negativity, or you’re a contibutor of gossip, than you can keep it moving!  I want no parts of it!  I have no time for it, don’t want to hear it, because nine times out of ten, if you’re calling me to gossip about “So and So”, then next week you’ll be calling her to gossip about me.  Folks like that will block YOUR blessings!


What about you?  What do you do to be happier, healthier, and wiser?
September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  What are 3 things that make you Happier?  Healthier? Wiser?


Bring Ye All the Tithes…


When I first saw that today’s post was supposed to be a controversial topic, I was like “YES!”  I had it all in my head what I was going to say, but then when I started writing, I was like, “Do I really want to do this?”  Some folks will fight you when you talk about “Pastor”.  Oh well, I can’t chicken out now.  Just a disclaimer before I begin, I am NOT bashing anyone or any church in particular.  I am writing about things that I have seen and heard with my own eyes and ears.

Have you ever gone to a church and the pastor pulls up in a new Bentley, while a good portion of the congregation is using public transportation to get there?
Have you ever gone to a church and was told you were robbing God if you did not tithe 10% of your Gross income?
Have you ever gone to a church and the pastor announces a special offering to help pay off the note on his the church’s new airplane?
Have you ever gone to a church and heard the saying, “If you take care of the man of God, then God will take care of you.”
Well, I’ve heard and witnessed each one of these things.

Now, where you worship is your choice.  If Pastor Rolls Royce can deliver a sermon that gets through to you like no one else, then that’s the place for you.  My message here is, in everything you do, use wisdom.  There are many people out there that are going into debt because they are being fed messages laced with guilt and fear as it pertains to tithing 10%.  I know, I’ve been there.

Now lets be clear, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TITHING.  (Please re-read that last sentence if necessary.)  However, if tithing 10% of your income means that your rent will not get paid, or your lights will get cut off, then it’s time for you to reevaluate the situation.

I have known church members who began to dip into, and eventually drain their savings in an effort to keep up with the 10% tithing.  My point is, tithe what you can afford, until you are able to do more – that’s if you want to.  Tithe because you truly want to, not because you’re hoping that your tithe is going to turn into a brand new Mercedes, just like Pastor’s.  Tithe because you want to, not because someone is calling you a robber or a thief if you can’t or don’t tithe 10%.  Do not let someone guilt trip you into the poor house!

Remember, in everything you do, use wisdom.

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