Will They Miss You When You’re Gone?

Photo Credit: saavem

Two weeks ago, an older neighbor suffered a heart attack while cutting his grass, and passed away at the hospital.  His passing has weighed on us (the neighbors) because no one really “knew” him.  He was transported to the hospital as a John Doe.
Over the past two weeks, a few neighbors, through collective conversations, have been able to determine his name, that he was once married, and that he “has family down south”.  He always kept to himself, rarely left the house, and no one witnessed any visitors – EVER.  When we did see him, he would smile and waive hello as he entered or exited his home.  The few conversations were brief and generic (ie. the weather, sports).  While the neighbors have picked up his daily delivered newspapers, and cut his lawn, we wonder if his family even knows he’s gone?  Has anyone missed his presence?

This has really had me thinking about how much we connect with one another.  I know sometimes I can get consumed with daily life and go a few weeks without checking on any particular friend, but usually someone within our social group has made contact.  The same with family.  There’s always someone that has talked with somebody.  I remember going to my 36 week checkup and being admitted into the hospital with pre-eclampsia.  After 2 days, one of my neighbors approached my husband because they felt something was wrong after noticing my car was gone and they hadn’t seen me waddling around.  While it wasn’t the best circumstances, it felt good to know that my absence was noticed. 

This situation has really struck a nerve with me.  What part do I play in the lives of others?  I’ve decided that whether it’s an email, card, phone call, or text, I will do a better job of keeping in touch. 

What do you think of this situation?  Do you know anyone this has happened to?  How often do you keep in touch with friends and family?


Summer, Summer, Summertime…

Image by keokster
“Summer, summer, summer time.  Time to sit back and unwind. 

…School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz
A back then I didn’t really know what it was
But now I see what have of this
The way that people respond to summer madness
The weather is hot and girls are dressing less
And checking out the fellas to tell ’em who’s best…

…The temperature’s about 88
Hop in the water plug just for old time’s sake
Break to ya crib change your clothes once more
Cause you’re invited to a barbeque that’s starting at 4

Sitting with your friends cause y’all reminisce
About the days growing up and the first person you kiss…

…There’s an air of love and of happiness
And this is the Fresh Prince’s new definition of summer madness.”

 ~Summertime by Will Smith

I LOVE summer!  No matter how much I complain about the 90 degree days, the scorching heat, the humidity that laughs at my freshly done hair, there’s something about summer that relaxes me.  Maybe it’s the decrease in early morning traffic since the kiddies are out of school or the slower walking pace of the commuters as I catch the metro to work.  (If you’re not careful or paying attention, you’ll get run over – seriously.)

I think I enjoy summer because of the family memories that are made.  Most of my family is spread out across the country now, and summer is when we all manage to make our annual pilgrimage home to New Orleans.  In the midst of the heat and humidity, we have our family cookout, our group trip to the French Quarter, the Aquarium, and the River Walk.  I’ve never had so much fun sitting around talking, eating, laughing and sweating.

Soon we’ll be saying good bye to summer and swapping out the shorts and t-shirts for long sleeves and sweaters.  Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy my air conditioner and vanilla crème-flavored snowballs.


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