Why are people so confrontational these days???  And unnecessarily so.  While riding the commuter train one morning, there was a man (I refuse to say gentleman) sitting in the row in front of me listening to music with earphones.  In spite of the earphones, his music was EXTREMELY loud.  He was jamming, rocking in his seat, totally oblivious to the disturbance of other passengers.  Let me add that this guy looked to be in his early to mid 40’s.  Well a lady came over and KINDLY asked him to lower his volume, and this dude went OFF! 
I mean loud talking, neck rolling, and some eye ball rolling too!  Talking about, “I’m doing what I’m allowed to be doing, I’m wearing headphones.  I don’t care if you can hear it.  Maybe I’ll lower it when I get off the train.  Ain’t nobody else complaining!” I was like WTH???  The lady informed the conductor of what just happened, and he too told the guy that while yes, he may be wearing earphones, his music should not be heard by everyone in the train car.  Same song and dance from dude, so conductor says, “No problem, I’ll handle it”, and walks off talking into his radio.  About 10 seconds later, suddenly there was no music to be heard.  Uh huh, homeboy knew he was about to be thrown off that train, so he got his act together.
Dude, now was all of that even necessary?   I’m sure you felt like a fool afterwards, because you clearly looked like one.  And you had the nerve to say that no one else was complaining.  Of course not, who wants to deal with a unnecessarily confrontational idiot at 7 o’clock in the morning?  Who wants to get their day off to a negative start because you have no home-training?  I’ve already talked about grown folks with no manners Here.  Well, not only did dude not have any manners, but then he wanted to get indignant with it – like he was proud of it!  I am so tired of people who react first and think later.  That order should only be utilized in emergency situations.  
Dude is a regular train rider, so it will be interesting to see how his music-listening habits play out going forward.
Have you ever come across someone who was unnecessarily confrontational?  How was the situation handled?