Being A Wordsmith September Sapphire Blog Challenge

Are We there Yet?

For the month of September, Kimberly over at Being a Wordsmith blog hosted the September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge.  Each blogging prompt was scheduled for the even days of the month.  Today is the final day of the challenge, and the prompt asks us to share what we’ve learned.


1.  Posts can be recycled.
I learned that if a post didn’t receive as much love as you thought it should the first time around, all is not lost.  Don’t be afraid to bring them back again. 


2. Pinterest is your friend.
I learned that Pinterest is not just an organizing system for pictures.  For a blogger, Pinterest is a very helpful way to promote your blog writings and connect with new readers. 


3.  Social media is not the enemy.
While I still can’t quite explain SEO if you asked me, I learned that social media is not something to be greeted with garlic and a wooden stake.  There are many techniques out there to help make your social media life a whole lot easier.  Who knew that I could make a Facebook post simultaneously show up on Twitter too???

Kimberly’s blogging prompts were actually interesting, which made the challenge even more fun.  As a new blogger, I hadn’t really found a “niche”.  I couldn’t really say that I was a “Mommy Blogger” or “Fashion Blogger”, etc.  I still can’t make that claim, but this blogging challenge has made me realize what topics really appeal to me, and which ones that I would like to post more of.  I also learned that going forward I need to set a blogging schedule to be a more effective blogger.
Overall, I learned alot about myself, my writing style, and that I may not be as much of an introvert as I thought.  I’m really looking forward to writing more, interacting with other bloggers, and who knows, maybe even attending a blogging convention.
For all I’ve learned, I would like to send a very big THANK YOU to Kimberly at Being a Wordsmith blog!!!

September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt: Share what you learned during the challenge, who you connected with, and your overall experience with it.


Yes I’m from New Orleans, No I do NOT Practice Voodoo!

Today, Kimberly over at Being A Wordsmith blog has asked us what are some myths that people have/had about us. 
Most people think that I’m antisocial, but I’m not – I call it a slightly shy, quiet observer.  I think before I speak, so I don’t just talk for the sake of talking.  Some folks are naturally motor mouths – that’s just not me.  But if I’m in a comfortable environment, and I’m on a roll, you’ll be wondering, “Does this girl ever shut up???”  LOL
This brings me to the second myth, folks that don’t know me think that I’m stuck up.  People falsely interpret my naturally quiet demeanor as being stuck up or standoff-ish.  I used to try to go out of my way to smile more, talk to strangers at gatherings just so I wouldn’t be viewed as such.  These days I don’t care much anymore.  If you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t.  Get to know me before jumping to conclusions!

The BIGGEST and craziest myth that I’ve encountered are from folks who think that because I’m from New Orleans, I must practice voodoo.  (insert blank stare here)  The first time this came up was during my freshman year at Howard University.  I remember there was a guy from New York who hung out with the same folks that I did.  A group of us were sitting in the cafeteria talking, and somehow my hometown came up.  Mr. New York stopped in his tracks, his eyes got big, and the conversation went something like this:
New York:  Wait, you’re from New Orleans???
Me:  Yes.
New York:  Aww man.  I heard about folks like you!
Me:  Huh?  (looking confused)
New York:  Yo, my pops told me to stay away from folks like you.
Me:   Folks like me??? (looking really confused)
New York:  You women from New Orleans, y’all do that voodoo sh#t! 
At that point, I truly had no words.  Don’t you know after that, that joker avoided me all 4 years we were there?!?!  Well this was not the last time, I’ve gotten this from many more folks – not the fear and avoidance, but just the questioning.  I’ve had people ask me about voodoo dolls (like I know how to make them), spells (you might fare better reading Harry Potter), and if I know about the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau
Well guess what?  NO, I don’t know about voodoo, voodoo dolls, spells, potions, or anything like it!  BUT, what I will tell you is that this fall on the F/X Network, the talented Angela Bassett will be potraying the infamous Marie Laveau on the 3rd season of American Horror Story.  (prepare yourself before clicking on that last link)
What about you?  What are some myths that folks have about you?

September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  List 3 to 5 myths that people have/had about you and list the facts that prove the myths to be false.


We’re Baaaack!

Kimberly over at Being a Wordsmith blog has asked us to post some links to a few of our previous blog posts.  Today’s theme is Resurgence.  We’re providing links to posts that didn’t receive much traffic. 
Okay, so I’m new at this blogging thing.  Some posts that I just KNEW would get a reaction, were just barely noticed, and the ones that I kinda threw together, got more attention than I thought. 
Here are two of my favorites:

What ever happened to manners?  Why does it seem that so many grown folks just don’t have any? 

Toddlers & Tiaras Paisley pretty woman hooker costume prostitute

My observations on the “hooker-ish” looking clothing that so many young girls are wearing. 

Do you have any posts that surprised you with their response rate, or lack thereof?

 September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  Provide links to some of your posts that did not receive as much traffic or as many comments as you hoped.


Happier, Healthier & Wiser – That’s Me!

Today, Kimberly over at Being A Wordsmith blog has asked us what are some things that we do to be Happier, Healthier, and Wiser.

I spend as much quality time as I can with my daughter.  I want to build many memorable experiences with her.  We really have a lot of fun together.  (See bounce house post for proof.)  When we’re out I try to take as many photos as I can.  Not to embarrass her, but so that when she’s older, I can say “Look Petunia, you rode the cow train!”

When I decided I was really serious about taking the plunge into motherhood, I began to eat alot healthier.  I cut out the fast food, cut back on the fried food, added more green vegetables, and began to cook more.  I discovered I loved trying new dishes, and I developed a love for baking from scratch.  I’m happy to say the Petunia LOVES green vegetables.  Brocolli is her favorite, but she can put a hurtin’ on some collard greens!  LOL

I know this is home-made whipped cream Petunia and I were whipping up may not count as healthy, but it was good!  LOL

Another thing I am seriously working on to improve my health, outside of drinking more water, is getting more sleep.  It’s been a struggle.  I tend to get to bed somewhere between 11pm and midnight, but then my alarm goes off at 5am.  This is everyday, and by the time Friday gets here, I’m seriously dragging. 



I wish this was me right now…

Letting stuff go!  I’ve realized that you can be walking around carrying years of past hurts, slights, and disappointments, and the only person still upset about it is YOU.  You’re mad while the other party is enjoying life, not thinking a thing about you.  Let it go, move on!  You’ll feel so much lighter – I know I do. 
Another thing I’ve done is to let some people go.  If you always have some kind of mess brewing, negativity, or you’re a contibutor of gossip, than you can keep it moving!  I want no parts of it!  I have no time for it, don’t want to hear it, because nine times out of ten, if you’re calling me to gossip about “So and So”, then next week you’ll be calling her to gossip about me.  Folks like that will block YOUR blessings!


What about you?  What do you do to be happier, healthier, and wiser?
September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  What are 3 things that make you Happier?  Healthier? Wiser?


How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?

Last week I chaperoned a field trip with my daughter’s daycare center.  The trip was to a “bounce house”.  In other words, a commercial space that was filled with various bouncers (those inflatable things that kids love to jump in).  Well, the daycare provider had a sprained ankle, and I was the only other adult chaperone, so guess who got to partake in all the bouncing fun???

Lets just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  When we arrived I was looking pretty decent – if i say so myself.  Had on my casual jeans, t-shirt, and blazer.  By the time we left, my shirt was wringing wet and my hair had turned into an afro.  The daycare provider and the other parents thought it hilarious the way I was being pulled in 50 different directions by the kids – all of whom wanted me to slide on a gigantic inflatable slide with them exclusively.  Humph, the nerve of those folks to laugh at me!  But I will admit, I had a TON of fun!

I don’t know how I manage to get myself in these type situations.

 September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt:  Describe today, a typical day, or a recent day with pictures.
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