Being A Wordsmith September 2013 Blog Challenge

Birthday Memories

Beignet Mamas 1st Birthday

Yes, that’s me celebrating my very first birthday.  Please don’t tell my mom I posted a picture of her with that huge afro.  🙂  Actually, my most favorite birthday memories actually are of my daughter’s birthdays.  She just recently turned two, and had a fabulous Strawberry Shortcake themed party.  I love watching her get excited over having a house filled with her little friends.

Now, let me give you some background.  My daughter LOVES company!  I mean really love it.  When folks come over she actually cries when it’s time for them to leave – adults or children, it doesn’t matter.

On the afternoon of her party, she was napping on the living room sofa when the first guests arrived.  When she opened her eyes and saw two of her friends from daycare, she leaped off the sofa and gave them both big hugs.  From there the screaming, squeeling and giggling commensed.  I escorted the three little ladies out into the backyard only to be greeted by a gigantic Strawberry Shortcake bounce house.  Their little eyes became big as saucers – followed by more screaming and squeeling.  They jumped until they could jump no more.  In all we had a total of 6 kids ranging in ages from 2 to 4 – which was perfect.
One of my aunts baked her the prettiest and tastiest strawberry themed cake – which was a big hit!

I have another aunt with whom my Petunia shares the same birthdate.  She lives in Las Vegas, and flew all the way out to the East coast just to share her special day with her great niece – making the  occasion even more special. 

Clockwise from top: Petunia & Vegas Auntie, bounce house, strawberry-theme cake, Petunia in bounce house

I know I have had plenty of cool birthdays, but watching the excitement on my little one’s face makes me happy.

September Sapphire Blog Challenge Prompt: Share some of your favorite memories.


Here She Is…

Hey out there, my name is Kennie, and this little corner of the blogosphere is Beignet Mamas!
This post is a part of a blog challenge that I’m participating in over at Being A Wordsmith blog.  For today’s post we are introducing ourselves and telling the meaning of our blog’s name, so here goes…

As you may, or may not know, I am originally from New Orleans, LA, but am currently living on the east coast.  I am a wife and working mom to an awesome toddler that I affectionately call Petunia.  My blog name is my way of paying homage to my place of birth (and my most favorite dessert ever), and to one of the most important jobs that I’ve ever had – MOM!

Okay, let’s break this down…  A “Beignet” is a french-style doughnut that’s served warm and drenched in powdered sugar.  Like gumbo, beignets are a New Orleans staple.  I can never take a trip back home without having some.  You can find them at the famous Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter.  See my tribute post to the beignet here.

Now for the “Mamas” part.  Becoming a mom has opened my eyes to a whole new view of the world.  For me, it has been a life changing event that has completely altered my views and beliefs.  Having always been a rather quiet and reserved person, I am still amazed at how this little person has the ability to make me transform into ferocious tiger when it comes to her safety and well-being.  Oh, and I’m also trying to figure out the mystery of how someone so little can make such a big mess.  Leave her in a room unattended for 5 minutes and when you come back you’d think a tornado hit it!

So there you have it, Beignet Mamas!