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Yeah, you read that right.  No, I’m not nasty, nor do I stink.  The truth of the matter is I haven’t had the TIME to take a long hot bath since Petunia was born.  Actually, it was before I was pregnant, since they warn pregnant woman to steer clear of hot baths, jacuzzis, etc.  In fact it’s a rare day that I can even use the bathroom facilities by myself – unless she’s asleep.

Now do I like hot baths?  Why yes, of course!  Who doesn’t???  I remember having all of the scented bubble baths, the fizzy tablets, the blow-up neck pillow, the scented oils that made my tub a slippery hazard zone…  Even as a kid, I just had to have Mr. Bubble!  Even though sometimes it was whatever dishwashing liquid that was on hand.  (No really, Joy made LOTS of bubbles – plus it got you squeeky clean.)  I would just sit there and lounge until the water turned cold and my hands and feet looked like a wrinkled up prune.  Those were the good old days…  Now it’s all about the 5 minute hot shower.  If I’m lucky, I can actually get a whole 10 minutes!  You know, now that I think about it, the only person in the house that does get the long hot baths, bubbles and all, is Petunia!  I think we’re going to have to make some changes in that department. LOL!

What about you?  Do you like hot baths?  Do you get to take them often?



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