I met your dad when I was 15.  We were introduced by one of my neighbors, and I immediately thought he was sooo cute!  Well he gave me his number, and me being the super shy person that I was, I ducked him for about 6 weeks!  After running into him one day and not being able to come up with a good excuse on why I hadn’t called, I finally called him that evening.
We instantly became the best of friends.  We hung out all summer – sitting on my grandmother’s porch until the mosquitoes ran us off.

Throughout the years, as our lives and locations changed, your dad and I always remained friends.  Whether it was a phone call, card or letter, we always managed to keep in touch.  Your dad has always been a true friend – respectful, loyal, and honest (even when you really didn’t want to hear the truth).

As I watch the two of you , kicking the ball around the yard, or blowing bubbles, I can see that special bond of not just father and daughter, but of best buds… true friends.

P.S.  Oh yeah, your dad is a real no-nonsense kinda’ guy.  I really feel sorry for any guys you date – once you reach the dating age of 25.   😉



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